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The Experts by Media Stable
"In a former life a producer for news media Ally understands and knows how to hold your attention.
Ally is very open with her advice and her tips to making high quality content that isn’t expensive or out of the reach of the average business owner.

A really smart chat on social media and being social. There is some producing GOLD in this podcast for those posting on the socials but the key message here is bring more of you into your posts and less of your products and services."
Easy Email Marketing Podcast with Yael Keon
"Inside today’s episode we talk about:

  • What Instagram Reels have to do with email marketing
  • How you can create your own Sales Funnels within Instagram
  • The Reels that get that magic combination of views and actions
  • How to create Reels that feel true to who you are
  • How to get started if you are completely petrified

I learnt so much through talking with Ally and I know you’ll come away from this episode with a fresh perspective on this amazing email list growth tool."

High Impact with Katie Bambrick
"We know video content is important - but how do we actually create video content that is original, engaging AND brings us more business?
Reels and Content Expert Alyona Polishchuk is here to tell us how.

Ally has helped countless businesses and entrepreneurs to create compelling content that resonates with their audience and ultimately, drives sales (cos that's what we all want at the end of the day AMIRIGHT?). In today's ep, Ally drops a lot of practical tips to capture people's attention, showcase your brand's personality and inspire action through video. "
"We talk about the importance of always having a goal behind each piece of content you create, and how a simple Reel has the potential to drive traffic to your business and create final sales.

Alyona gives us advice on the simple ways to create calls-to-action on your Instagram posts and funnel people into your direct messages. Reels have the potential to help you attract your ideal clients and really position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry. All you need is a simple strategy, a goal and a little imagination. "
Straight Up Small Business Podcast
• How you can be seen on Instagram
What type of Insta content you should be posting and how frequently
• Tips for making your Insta Reels more engaging
• Why you should always think of the customer first when creating any content
• How to repurpose FAQs into Insta content to get clients DMing you
• Why you should be analysing your stats constantly & recycling what works

…and loads, loads more.
The Committed Creative Podcast
Monetise your Instagram with me
Monetise your Instagram with me
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